Where it began

Bruce Maier has been a vocalist since age seven and picked up the guitar as a professional at fourteen

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The Family

Many great musicians have been in the Bruce Maier Band over the decades and Bruce considers his musicians as family. Shown here with percussionist, drummer, synth and harmony vocalist Duane Bryant

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The relationship

A band is like a marriage; you don't always agree on everything but you work toward a common goal because you all care about the end result and the progress of the show. Bassist, lead and harmony vocalist Bob Connors

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Surrounded by greatness

What makes Bruce Maier and his music stand out is how he surrounds himself with the best musicians available. The band has to be tolerant and considerate, possess a sense of humor and a desire to make the best music of their lives.  In the photo to the right Saxophone player Mike Shea


Next Steps...

If interested in the Bruce Maier Band for your Fair, Festival or events please start with a simple e-mail request for contact!